Joining the GRMA connects your business to the surrounding community in many ways. Stay informed on relevant municipal topics that might affect your business, get to know your business neighbors, make decisions on funding community projects such as beautification initiatives, murals, or corridor advertisements to bring more attention to our corridor as a whole. Serving as a member lets you become a charitable partner and larger stakeholder in the Rosewood Community. We look forward to improving and caring for Rosewood with you!


  • Website Recognition: As a member, you’ll be added to the website with Member delineation. We’ll even throw in a window static cling to advertise your membership at your business.
  • Network: You’ll gain immediate access to a strong network of business and community partners through our membership contact list as well as through various networking opportunities as a result of engaging in our annual programs and events.
  • Power in Numbers: Our job is to improve, promote, and build the Rosewood Corridor Community as a whole. When you become a greater stakeholder by joining, you’re adding to the power we have as a community to improve and advertise all that Rosewood has to offer. We are constantly working on community improvement initiatives including advertisements, beautification, and facilitating the connection of new development among business and property owners. Engaging with your business community and adding your voice increases our value and connection to decision makers in the area.
  • Information: We have a finger on the various city developments, boards, and commissions and aim to keep you up to date as it may pertain to your business or growing, and protecting our corridor and city.